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THE LONG JOURNEY  TO GLORY --My Side of The Jacksons' story--Available online at AMAZON,BAM and BARNES & NOBLE. In October 1965, Reynaud Jones, an energetic young sophomore at Roosevelt High School in Gary, Indiana, entered his neighborhood buddies (five brothers, ages 7-14) in a local talent show..

Reynaud D. Jones, the man responsible for Michael Jackson's first public appearance, recalls, "In 1965, I taught Tito Jackson how to play several songs on the guitar, and then organized the Jackson brothers into a singing group, played lead guitar and together with Michael, his brothers, Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and our drummer Milford Hite, performed on stage for the first time.                            >> Read more

MJ Fanvention Highlights

The Jackson Myth: Its Fatal Flaw

The Real Story of How Michael Jackson and the Jackson Singing Group Began

By Reynaud D. Jones

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